25 Wellness Wednesday Ideas For Work (Virtual + Onsite Options!)

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Employers are increasingly trying to find ways to support their employees’ mental health (about time!), and I’m here to help you implement Wellness Wednesdays at your workplace.

A few bonuses your head honchos might care about:

Keep scrolling for 25 Wellness Wednesday activities for your office (onside + virtual!).


Not sure what your team will like the most? That’s what we’re here for!

As the #1 corporate wellness provider and certifier in North America, we’ve run over 600 onsite and virtual wellness classes for companies such as Amazon (maybe you’ve heard of them), Netflix, KPMG, PwC, Uber, and more.

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The Top 5 Wellness Wednesday Ideas

1. Mindfulness 101 Lunch & Learn (Book Here)


This is a great way to take one hour of your day to learn about the stress-melting practice of mindfulness.

Your employees will spend the first five minutes in a mini-meditation, followed by a 40-minute presentation about mindfulness for beginners, and then wrap up with a 15-minute mini-meditation.

Importantly, at Twello, I have designed our Mindfulness 101 course to be workplace-safe and inclusive.

Our classes are non-religious and come with an awkward-free guarantee.

Are you looking to run multiple Wellness Wednesday courses?

This introduction to mindfulness meditation is recommended as a start to any series of sessions.

This class will uncover the subtle differentiation between Mindfulness and Meditation, leaving you feeling less stressed and clear-minded before continuing your day.

Don’t have 60 minutes on the calendar? No problem! Twello offers 30 minutes as well.

2. Chair Yoga Classes (Book Here)


Back in the groovy days of 1982, and born out of the desire to make yoga accessible to everyone, a compassionate yogi paved the way for this innovative practice.

Why choose chair yoga for your Wellness Wednesday sessions?

It’s the ultimate blend of comfort and rejuvenation, designed to be practiced right from the comfort of your chair.

Guided by certified yoga instructors, our chair yoga classes are tailored especially for beginners, ensuring a gentle introduction to the world of wellness.

But that’s not all – for those who are able and enthusiastic, Twello also offers traditional mat yoga as an option for Wellness Wednesdays. These classes are thoughtfully designed with modifications to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for every participant.

Embrace the serenity and strength that chair yoga brings to your Wellness Wednesday routine.

3. Mindfulness For Stress-Reduction Lunch & Learn (Book Here)

Did you know a negative correlation exists between overall stress and productivity?

So stress down, productivity up.

Organizations also find decreased turnover, a surge in employee engagement, and a healthy sprinkle of improved morale.

In Twello’s Mindfulness For Stress Reduction class, participants will learn two of the most accessible stress-reduction mindfulness techniques:

Even total beginners can apply these techniques to promote positive mental health.

The session closes with an enjoyable and relaxing extended meditation for all participants.

4. Mindful Coffee Break Session (Book Here)

Mindful sipping, much like mindful eating, ushers in a whole new level of intention and presence when it comes to your daily coffee (or tea, or mimosa 😂, who am I to judge?) ritual.

The result? A menu of benefits for your physical and psychological well-being – think less inner critic, improved digestion, and even wiser nutritional choices.

Our session equips your employees with the mindfulness tools they need to conquer their health goals, one sip at a time.

The best part is that we wrap things up with a guided coffee break that fits snugly into your actual coffee or lunch break – it’s all done in a tidy 5 minutes or less!

5. Wellness Wednesday Gratitude Journaling Class (Book Here)

My not-so-secret secret for a brighter, more resilient, and happier me? Gratitude journaling.

Gratitude may be the most accessible, affordable tool we (as humans) have to increase optimism, emotional resilience, and happiness.

Encourage employees to start “gratitude journaling” – bonus points if you provide a cute journal.

In a gratitude journaling class, you’ll learn a journaling framework you can practice right before bed to enhance those feel-good hormones right before you call it a night.

The Top 5 Virtual Wellness Wednesday Ideas

1. Virtual Chair Yoga Classes (Book Here)

You already know how important a yoga class can be to your employees’ wellness; with the pandemic, twice as many people are working from home than before.

Working from home can be just as stressful, if not more, than physically going into work. Add virtual chair yoga classes to your Wellness Wednesday ideas so that your remote employees can participate as well and take a break to stretch out and release their stress!

2. Virtual Meditation Session (Book Here)

Twello provides both in-person and virtual Mindfulness 101 classes, making it convenient for all team members regardless of their location.

Sometimes, “the quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Ram Dass

Our class Meditation 101 provides an overview of two common, SUPER-beginner-friendly meditation practices:

  • Guided meditation
  • Silent meditation

This class is also designed to be office-centric and skeptic-friendly. Working with developers, scientists, aerospace engineers? No problem.

This class specifically features the data on the benefits of sitting back and taking a deep breath or two. Here’s a list of over 50 studies highlighting the benefits of meditation at work.

3. Virtual Wellness Book Club

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s crucial to carve out time for activities that nourish our minds and bodies.

A wellness book club is more than just a group reading session. It can be a journey through various themes of wellness, personal growth, and healthy lifestyles. Every month, select a book that promises unique approaches to mental and physical health.

4. Mindful Goal Setting (Book Here)

The Top 5 Out-Of-The-Box Wellness Wednesday Ideas

1. Virtual Company Cook-Off

As far as wellness activities go, virtual cook-offs are win-win-win.

Spend some time bonding with your coworkers, cook a healthy meal, and take a BREAK.

Send out an invite with ingredients and a set time…and GO! And offer a prize to the winner of the cook-off. It’s a great team-builder for your business Wellness Wednesdays.

2. Virtual OR Onsite Guided Sound Bath (Book Here)

Strike a chord with serenity. Singing bowls are used to promote relaxation and reduce stress in the body.

Stick with me here – we are in the out-of-the-boy category, after all!

Why use singing bowls for meditation? The resonating tones and vibrations produced by the bowls have a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to alleviate tension and promote a sense of calm.

Assuming your team doesn’t do sound baths on the regular, this session was designed to be non-religious and presents this practice in an inclusive and beginner-friendly way.

This is one of my favorite sessions because everyone comes away with such a unique experience.

3. Wednesday Walking Meetings

Instead of sitting in a conference room for a meeting, make it a walking meeting! Get out of the boardroom and get active.

Studies have shown that walking meetings increase creativity by 60%, so get up and get moving!

4. Wellness Show-And-Tell for Wellness Wednesday Ideas

Nominate a member of your leadership or management team every week to share what they do for mindfulness and self-care.

If you show your team that you are exercising self-care, they’ll be more likely to do it for themselves.


The Top 5 Wellness Gift Box Ideas For Your Team

1. Healthy Snack Boxes

It’s important to get away from the vending machine culture of the workplace. Use your Wellness Wednesdays to hand out healthy snack boxes to your employees. Eating foods high in nutritional value can affect your motivational level as well as brain function. It will encourage clean eating and may even get them to try something new!

2. Self-Care Boxes

It would be a great idea to rotate your healthy snack boxes with self-care boxes on Wellness Wednesdays. Hand out boxes to your team that include items like bath products, hair care, a stress ball, a journal, and a self-care checklist. Self-care boxes is a great way to show employees their wellbeing is a priority.

3. House Plant Or Succulent Box

Potted plants are some of the best gifts for employees. They encourage productivity, improve mental health, and they won’t break the bank. Adding plants to a room can create a more complete and cozy effect to a home and can be great for work-from-home offices.

Pick one Wellness Wednesday every month and give out small plants or succulents to your team!

4. Meditation Package

If you’re going to offer virtual or in-person meditation from Twello, why not add a package as well?

These are easy-to-do-it-yourself, fill boxes with incense, essential oils, and a small candle. Then, hand them or mail them out before your mindfulness classes.

5. Natural Wellness Box

Encourage your employees to get in touch with their senses by giving them a natural wellness box. The possibilities are endless!

Some ideas could be:

  • a stress ball or a fidget toy
  • essential oils or room spray
  • a bottle of water
  • positive affirmation cards
  • a healthy snack

You can also include Wellness Wednesday facts on notecards, such as:

  • Walking 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30%.
  • Regular exercise can improve your memory and cognitive function.
  • A 10-minute power nap can enhance productivity and creativity.
  • Listening to music can lower stress levels and reduce anxiety.
  • A 5-minute deep breathing exercise can calm your mind and reduce stress.
  • Acts of kindness, even small ones, can boost your mood and reduce stress.

The Top 5 Workplace Wellness Challenges

1. Mindful Walking Challenge

This can be done individually or as a team. While your walking meetings focus on walking while working, the mindful walking challenge should focus on moving without a goal.

Set aside a time to walk slowly, while being aware of every step and breath. You can meditate to yourself, or listen to a walking meditation guide while you’re moving.

2. 8-Hours-Of-Sleep Challenge

This probably isn’t a surprise, but one-in-three adults isn’t getting enough sleep. So, chances are, a good portion of your employees aren’t properly rested when they show up to work in the morning.

Start a sleep challenge with your team. Have them track their shut-eye with a sleep app for a week, and give out sleep-related prizes to the employee who tracks the most nights of 8-hours of sleep consistently.

3. Mindfulness Challenge

Humans are competitive, so make mindfulness a game!

Start a mindfulness challenge for Wellness Wednesday. Encourage your employees to practice mindfulness for five minutes every day for five days.

4. Journaling Challenge

You’ve already handed out journals in the self-care boxes. Now, encourage your employees to use them!

Have them write one journal entry per day for thirty days wit no rules or limitations – it could be a random thought, or something good that happened that day, or a lengthy entry. Give out prizes to those who keep up with their journal every month.

5. Mood-Tracking Challenge

Show your employees that you care by having them download the Beautiful Mood app. Have them track their moods for an entire month and give out self-care prizes to those who keep up with it on Wellness Wednesday. The incentive is key!

Looking for the best Wellness Wednesday option for your team? You have come to the right place!


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