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Transform Workplaces: OMI-100 Course

Become a Certified Organizational Mindfulness Instructor

Join the leading corporate wellness company and learn how to deliver mindfulness at scale and offer your practice to organizations. Gain insider knowledge, practical skills, and make a meaningful impact in organizations. 

Twello Serves Industry-Leading Organizations

omi-100 certification

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"With years of navigating the corporate mindfulness space, I am so eager and excited to teach you the ins and outs of how you can expand beyond the borders of your private practice to working with organizations."

- Kayla Baum

Organizational Mindfulness Instructor, Twello Founder & CEO

Your OMI-100 Adventure: What Sets Us Apart

Deliver Mindfulness Programs To Organizations

Integrate the principles of mindfulness seamlessly into corporate environments.

Find & Secure Corporate Clients

Discover how to recognize your ideal leads in this industry and secure them as high-value clients.

Grow & Expand Your Mindfulness Business

Expand from private practice and turn your passion for mindfulness into a sustainable career.

Gain Confidence Facilitating Any Industry

Whether it be law, education, tech, etc. - master the art of engaging audiences in any industry.

Unique resources to help you reach your full potential.

💰 Over $3200+ Worth Of Extra Resources

Arguably the most valuable of all of our resources, this course will include everything you need to lead a 6-session series at any organization. This includes full, step-by-step videos of each workshop, how to deliver it, worksheets, and pre-made slides for your clients. We have yet to find another course that offers anything like this.

Copy & paste, guilt free! We developed these templates over the last four years – and now they are all yours. Find clients faster and 10x your outreach efforts. Effortlessly connect with potential clients using our “guaranteed-to-close” customizable client outreach emails, LinkedIn messages, and phone script templates

Did you know you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down? Our course workbook helps you seamlessly navigate the course material, lesson by lesson, to help you retain the training and achieve your goals faster!

Streamline your outreach efforts and connect with potential clients using our customizable client outreach email, linked in and cold call templates

Save 100s of hours with instant access to six classes worth of professional and persuasive slide decks. These six slide decks match up perfectly with the six sessions you will learn to lead throughout the course. That means once the course is complete, you’re ready to walk confidently into any organization and provide skillful and striking workshops.

Never run out of new meditations to introduce to your clients! Unlike most meditation scripts out these, these scripts were specifically designed for organizations and feature only inclusive and accessible language for your clients. Featuring guided meditations such as, “”

“Carla The CEO” and “Ally The Assistant” require completely different approaches to secure their business. This document provides an in-depth analysis of the four client personas you will run into time and time again in this space. We reveal the best way to work with them, what makes them tick, and offer specific templates for each persona to turn them into happy, healthy, returning clients.

After years of extensive testing and experimentation, we have identified the optimal platforms to suit your needs. We’re thrilled to share our insights and expertise, including valuable tips and tricks to using these platforms, as well as exclusive and significant discount codes to help you make the most of these platforms.

Providing You a Toolkit to Showcase Your Abilities in any organization

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“Being able to facilitate for organizations has been of recent years, one of the most pivotal experiences I have ever had.”

Sammy Clarke

Organizational Mindfulness Instructor

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers to your queries and gain full confidence in our course!

This course is not a fit for you (at least not yet) if:

You are looking for an intro to mindfulness course

You don’t yet have a personal mindfulness practice

You are only looking to teach in-studio

This course is absolutely for you if:

You have a genuine desire to bring mindfulness tools to more people around the world

You already have an existing personal mindfulness practice that brings you joy

You are ready to expand your audience outside of 1:1 and small groups

You are looking for a complete blueprint on how to launch a thriving B2B service

You are ready to start bringing transformational mindfulness tools to burned- out, stressed-out professionals

This virtual course on teaching mindfulness to organizations is ideal for a diverse group of professionals who are interested in bringing the benefits of mindfulness to organizations and workplaces.

The OMI-100 is the only course uniquely designed for:

Mindfulness and Meditation Instructors who want to grow their business from B2C to B2B

Yoga Teachers looking to expand their services and enter the rapidly expanding corporate market

Wellness & Wellbeing Coaches who see a soaring need for want to incorporate corporate training into their offerings

Forward-Thinking Executive Coaches who see a need for mindfulness in the workplace

Mindful Leaders, VPs & CEOs already working within corporate and organizational settings

HR Professionals looking to bring mindfulness to their team or company internally

Employee Engagement Coordinators who want to create positive company culture from the inside out!

Familiarity with basic mindfulness practices is highly recommended before you take this course

This course is not an introduction to the practice of mindfulness and meditation

Participants must have their own personal mindfulness or meditation practice that they do daily whether that is meditation, yoga, breath-work, sound healing, or another complementary practice

This prior exposure will provide you with a solid foundation and a deeper understanding of mindfulness principles, enabling you to effectively guide organizations in their practice.

That being said, we don’t believe you need to attend a 10-day silent retreat or complete a lengthy application just to be able to access these tools and share them with others

Our virtual course does not have a formal application process, instead, we ask that you reflect on your intentions for taking the course and see if it aligns with your goals

As the largest provider of corporate mindfulness, meditation, and yoga classes, Twello is uniquely qualified to certify individuals in organizational mindfulness.

The course is taught by the CEO of Twello, Kayla Baum, who brings a wealth of
knowledge and expertise to the table – having spent four years building the
business from the ground up. Kayla has personally experienced the transformative power of mindfulness and has acquired specialized training and certification through Mindfulness Without Borders, Google’s SIYLI training, The Centre For Mindfulness Studies, and the University Of Toronto.

Twello has had extensive experience working with industry leaders such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Hello Fresh, Microsoft, and KPMG which has helped the team develop a deep understanding of the unique needs and concerns of modern organizations. By leveraging their expertise and experience, Twello is able to offer a comprehensive certification program in organizational wellness that is grounded in real-world
insights and recognized by top employers. 

Provided that an individual fulfills the eligibility criteria and complete the course content, all previous students have expressed joy and confidence in their ability to begin facilitating courses. There have been no instances of refund requests; however, if you are dissatisfied, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we would be happy to work together one on one to find a solution.

No, there is no deadline for completing the course as it is fully on demand and available virtually. However, we suggest that students aim to finish the course within nine months to ensure that they do not spread out the information too much and maintain their engagement with the material.

Upon completing the course, you will have continued, lifetime access to the course material and resources to refer back to.
Additionally, you will receive an Accredited Certificate that is recognized by top employers, validating your newly acquired skills and knowledge. You will also be awarded a LinkedIn badge, physical certificate, and a signed and authorized PDF as a testament to your completion of the course. These credentials can help you showcase your accomplishment and enhance your professional profile. Should you choose to take your certification a step further, interested facilitators have the opportunity to submit a 30-minute recorded practicum to earn an Organizational Mindfulness Instructor Certification With Honours.

Our team reviews the practicum and provides a pass-or-fail distinction

Facilitators who “fail” have three additional opportunities to submit additional recorded practicums for review and our senior facilitators will offer detailed feedback on how to improve for the next try!

Facilitators who earn a “pass” grade will be awarded the prestigious and internationally recognized OMI-100 Certification With Honours.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Building The Foundation

The market’s demand is overwhelming and constantly expanding, yet the true key to thriving isn’t merely market size or specific targeting. Instead, it lies within your genuine passion to serve this sector. Discover your unique success formula with us, an irreplaceable asset that will set you apart from the competition.

Module 2: Working With Clients

Here, we will discuss various strategies that we’ve tested and found effective over the years, in the corporate sector and beyond. From identifying the right target market to choosing the best platforms to reach them, we’ve got a comprehensive guide to help you connect with potential clients efficiently and effectively. 

Module 3: Working With Attendees

This module dives into into the dynamics of group interactions and the varying levels of familiarity with mindfulness practices among participants. We’re here to help you understand the types of people you’ll encounter in an organizational setting. Get armed with the best techniques and strategies for engaging these diverse individuals and driving effective group sessions. 

Module 4: Leading Your 6-Session Series

This chapter unravels a detailed, ready-to-teach 6-session curriculum tailored to bring mindfulness practices to life in an organizational setting. Step-by-step, we guide you on how to deliver engaging sessions that resonate in a corporate context. The journey begins with understanding the structure of sessions, transitioning to effective audience engagement techniques. The secret lies not just in the content, but in the unique perspective and style you bring. As you gain confidence, we encourage you to infuse your own experiences, weaving a personal connection that makes each session truly yours.

Module 5: Modifications For Diverse Clients

Discover how the program can be molded and shaped according to your client’s needs and group size. We equip you with practical strategies to ensure you’re always delivering maximum value, no matter the context or circumstances.

In this module, we delve into the practicalities of working with different group sizes, delivering virtual sessions, extending class durations, and altering terminology. You’ll learn how to skillfully adapt your approach, ensuring the mindfulness program is as versatile as the needs it serves.

Module 6: Systems

Drawing from our years of experience and countless trials, we’ll share with you the cream of the crop – the systems that have proven to be the most effective for managing a business in the corporate mindfulness space. This module covers every corner of your operations, from managing client relationships, systems for contract and invoice management, to expertly gathering attendee feedback and gauging engagement. These systems, tried-and-tested across various scales of operation, offer practicality and scalability.

Expand Your Practice Today

Kayla is ready to bring her rich knowledge and experience in finding corporate clients and designing impactful programs into a comprehensive training that will equip you to create memorable experiences for your future corporate clients.

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