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Our Most Popular Onsite Classes

This introduction to mindfulness meditation is perfect for calming the mind and releasing stress. In this class, you will learn the subtle difference between mindfulness and meditation and how to bring mindfulness into your work and home life. This class is highly recommended as a start to any series of sessions.

Learning to meditate is often overcomplicated! This introductory class explores two popular meditation styles: guided meditation and silent meditation. Learn how to determine the best fit for your busy lifestyle and how to get started with just five minutes a day.

This introduction to yoga is specially designed to be done from the comfort of your chair! It is perfect for beginners, even if the last time you touched your toes was a decade ago. These classes are taught by a registered yoga teacher. No yoga or special equipment required. Just bring yourself and a chair.

This class explores the concept of work-life balance and how to develop it mindfully. We’ll take a look at two data-backed strategies for improving work-life balance, even when working virtually! Learn how to use mindfulness to determine what is most important to you.

Self-care is essential to maintaining positive mental health and reducing stress. And self-care isn’t just about bubble baths! This class will look at two techniques you can use to improve your own self-care and support others around you.

Inclusive & Accessible​

All classes are intended to be welcoming to everyone! Twello classes make no mention of any specific religion or belief system. No candles or crystals here! 

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Turning wellness practices backed by neuroscience and turning them into light and entertaining sessions with actionable takeaways. 

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FAQ About Corporate Wellness Classes In Seattle

Bustling City: With a fast-paced work culture, where many individuals are busy with work and other obligations. In such an environment, it’s easy for employees to neglect their health and wellness. Corporate wellness classes in Seattle, Washington can help address this issue by providing employees with the resources and support they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

High Stress Jobs: Seattle is home to a large number of government and private sector employees who work in high-stress jobs. Corporate wellness classes can help these employees manage stress, increase resilience, and maintain good mental health, which is especially important in a city like Washington where mental health services may be in high demand.

Build Inclusivity: Seattle has a diverse population, with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and offering corporate wellness classes can help foster a culture of inclusiveness and respect within the workplace. This can lead to increased employee engagement and collaboration, and ultimately result in a more productive and positive work environment.

In conclusion, corporate wellness classes in Seattle are important because they help address the specific health and wellness needs of the city’s fast-paced and diverse workforce, and can ultimately lead to a more productive, engaged, and healthy workplace.

Convenience: Onsite wellness classes are offered at the workplace, eliminating the need for employees to travel to a separate location for wellness activities. This saves time and makes it easier for employees to participate.

Improved Physical Health: Onsite wellness classes can help employees improve their physical health through regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and stress management techniques.

Enhanced Mental Health: Onsite wellness classes can also help employees improve their mental health and reduce stress through mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques, and stress management strategies.

Increased Productivity: By promoting physical and mental wellness, onsite wellness classes can help employees be more focused, engaged, and productive at work.

Reduced Healthcare Costs: By promoting healthy habits and reducing stress, onsite wellness classes can help employees maintain good health and reduce their risk for chronic diseases, leading to lower healthcare costs for both employees and employers.

Improved Workplace Culture: Onsite wellness classes can help foster a positive and supportive work environment, leading to increased employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Cost-Effective: By offering onsite wellness classes, employers can provide their employees with access to wellness resources without incurring additional costs associated with outside programs or facilities.

Our catalog contains over 20 onsite and virtual class options, so we had to look at the data for this one! Based on a sample set of over 100 classes the most popular were, in order… drumroll please… 🥁

  1. Mindfulness 101 (Onsite)
  2. Chair Yoga (Onsite)
  3. Meditation 101 (Onsite)
  4. Mindfulness For Boosting Creativity (Onsite)
  5. Creating Boundaries Between Work & Home (Virtual)
  6. The Science Of Gratitude Journaling (Onsite)
  7. Mindfulness For Stress Reduction (Onsite)
  8. Mindfulness For Improving Sleep (Virtual)
  9. Resilience Training (Onsite)
  10. Work-From-Home Wellness (Virtual)

This is the hardest step for many employers. Since there isn’t an agreed upon, gold standard for corporate wellness facilitators, it program it can be difficult to vett different providers.

Over the years we have identified these very important qualities and treat them as the bare minimum requirements for all of our facilitators. Here are some questions you may want to ask a potential corporate wellness provider:

  • Does the facilitator have formal teacher training and experience in a corporate environment? 💼
  • If the facilitator is leading a movement-based class (ex. chair yoga or mat yoga), are they insured? 🧘‍♀️
  • Does the facilitator understand the nuances of a corporate environment and can they use accessible and inclusive language? 🏢
  • Can the provider ensure a backup facilitator in the case that the primary facilitator is unable to lead a session (this is a common issue with individual consultants)? Ideally, your vendor has multiple facilitators so your program is not dependent on a single individual or one-person company. 👥
  • How does the facilitator keep the content engaging and fun? No one wants a snooze-fest. Especially one that costs $500! 😉

Great question! A few key things to know about our onsite classes:

  • How does pricing work? Pricing is a flat rate for up to 100 attendees, so there is no need to keep refreshing the RSVP list! Custom pricing over 100.
  • Is there a minimum or a maximum number of attendees? There is no minimum (although we always like to have at least one! 😂) and the maximum is 100.
  • Do you provide classes outside of Seattle/in the surrounding area? The short answer is – probably! Please reach out to us with the location you’re looking for and we can provide you with a quote that includes an additional fee for travel time based on how long it would take a facilitator to make their way to you.
  • What is the content of the class? All of our classes have been specifically designed with a corporate audience in mind, no crystals or candles here! The content is secular and does not reference any specific religion or spirituality. Would you like to learn more about a specific class? Just let us know and we’ll send over a sample!
  • What else do you provide? Let us take some work off your plate, just let us know when you would like your sessions and we will send over class descriptions and promotional images for internal marketing! We also offer complimentary pre-and post-session surveys.
  • Are your facilitators vaccinated? Yes, all of our facilitators are fully vaccinated and can provide proof of vaccination if required!
  • How can I pay? We accept all major credit cards! If you need to pay via check or bank transfer, we can arrange that as well.
  • Can I record the class for remote employees? You are welcome to record or stream the class for free.
  • How much notice is required? We can help you launch your wellness classes with just 10 business days notice.
  • I have more questions, can I talk to a human? Of course! Our direct number is +1 646-859-8485 or click here to schedule a call with one of our wellness specialists.