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Physical and mental wellness workshops to promote the importance of mental prosperity  amongst your employees. Yoga, Mindfulness. Meditation and more!

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Download our detailed onsite class catalog to seamlessly kickstart your organization’s wellness program. Dive deep into our extensive offerings, understand our pricing structures, and discover tailored package options to ensure the best fit for your team’s needs.

Retreats & Conferences

Enhance your next conference or retreat with our specialized wellness classes. We create a serene environment, offering participants a much-needed break, and helping them recharge, refocus and learn about ways they can support their mental health. 

Ongoing Programming

Commit to the sustained well-being of your employees with our continuous wellness programs. Integrate regular stress-reduction, mindfulness, and meditation sessions into your calendar. With consistent practice, witness a healthy transformation in your team.

Pre-Meeting Energizers

Start your meetings on a centered note. Our pre-meeting sessions help participants take a moment to ground themselves, de-stress, and achieve a focused state. By fostering calm and clarity, we ensure your team approaches their discussions with presence and purpose.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, our onsite wellness classes are a testament to our commitment to holistic employee well-being. With a dedicated team offering sessions in stress reduction, mindfulness, meditation, and more, we provide a sanctuary for corporate rejuvenation—because a company’s success is as much about mental well-being as it is about business strategies.

“The presentation was a perfect balance of meditation exercises, practical recommendations and scientific data. Simple but powerful tips, the audience loved them.”

– Lina Veligurova

The Yearly ROI Of Mental Health Programs Was Found To Be $1.62 On Every $1 Spent


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