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Twello's Holiday Favorites For Teams

Mindfulness For Positive Mental Health In The Winter

Mindfulness builds resilience for the cold winter months. Mindful team members are better equipped to handle darker days, less time outdoors, and seasonal stressors. Learn five accessible strategies to encourage positive mental health all winter long.

Mindfulness For Managing Holiday Stressors

Holidays are meant to decrease stress — but financial pressures, less time for healthy habits, and more time with the inlaws, can make the holidays one of the most challenging times of the year. Learn a mindfulness tool to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Mindful Goal Setting

Learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to determine what is most important to you and how to set meaningful goals. Learn three evidence-based strategies for increasing healthy habits and a mindfulness tool to help embody your goals.

Chair Yoga

This introduction to yoga is specially designed to be done from the comfort of your chair! It is perfect for beginners, even if the last time you touched your toes was a decade ago. These classes are taught by a registered yoga teacher. Just bring yourself and a chair.

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Mental Health Awareness Month Wellness Class Packages

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