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variety of resources to help facilitators succeed, including meditation scripts, marketing messaging, and more. Whether you’re a corporate facilitator or just starting out, our tools will help you connect with clients and share the benefits of mindfulness practices in organizations. 


Creating Mindful Workplaces:

Resources for Facilitators Teaching Organizations

OMI-100 Certification: Frequently Asked Questions

All the information you need before signing up to become certified in becoming an Organizational Mindfulness Provider!
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The Growing Market for Organizational Mindfulness Instructors: Opportunities and Statistics

How you can take advantage of this growing market.
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How To Find Potential B2B Clients & Propose Wellness: 4 Personas

Tailor your approach to B2B clients when proposing wellness. Get insights on 4 personas in this guide.

5 Meditation Scripts You Can Use In Organizations

Designed specifically for use in organizational settings for employees.

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