Twello Academy Scholarship Program

We understand that sometimes, passion and dedication aren’t the only components necessary to seize an opportunity. Economic constraints can sometimes stand as hurdles. Recognizing this, Twello Academy has designed an initiative that commits to expand access to our Organizational Mindfulness Instructor Course (OMI-100).

What is The OMI-100 Course?

Deliver Mindfulness Programs To Organizations

Integrate the principles of mindfulness seamlessly into corporate environments.

Start a B2B Business For Mindfulness

Move away from private practice and turn your passion for mindfulness into a sustainable career.

Find & Secure Corporate Clients

Discover how to recognize your ideal leads in this industry and secure them as high-value clients.

Gain Confidence Facilitating Any Industry

Master the art of engaging and energizing audiences in any industry.


Arguably the most valuable of all of our resources, this course will include everything you need to lead a 6-session series at any organization. This includes full, step-by-step videos of each workshop, how to deliver it, worksheets, and pre-made slides for your clients. We have yet to find another course that offers anything like this.

Copy & paste, guilt free! We developed these templates over the last four years – and now they are all yours. Find clients faster and 10x your outreach efforts. Effortlessly connect with potential clients using our “guaranteed-to-close” customizable client outreach emails, LinkedIn messages, and phone script templates

Did you know you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down? Our course workbook helps you seamlessly navigate the course material, lesson by lesson, to help you retain the training and achieve your goals faster!

Streamline your outreach efforts and connect with potential clients using our customizable client outreach email, linked in and cold call templates

Save 100s of hours with instant access to six classes worth of professional and persuasive slide decks. These six slide decks match up perfectly with the six sessions you will learn to lead throughout the course. That means once the course is complete, you’re ready to walk confidently into any organization and provide skillful and striking workshops.

Never run out of new meditations to introduce to your clients! Unlike most meditation scripts out these, these scripts were specifically designed for organizations and feature only inclusive and accessible language for your clients. Featuring guided meditations such as, “”

“Carla The CEO” and “Ally The Assistant” require completely different approaches to secure their business. This document provides an in-depth analysis of the four client personas you will run into time and time again in this space. We reveal the best way to work with them, what makes them tick, and offer specific templates for each persona to turn them into happy, healthy, returning clients.

After years of extensive testing and experimentation, we have identified the optimal platforms to suit your needs. We’re thrilled to share our insights and expertise, including valuable tips and tricks to using these platforms, as well as exclusive and significant discount codes to help you make the most of these platforms.

Providing You a Toolkit to Showcase Your Abilities in any organization