The 10 Best Corporate Wellness Classes In 2024 [Ranked By Employees]

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New year – new you – new favorite team activity? 2024 is the year of mental wellness for companies and teams around the globe. To determine the best corporate wellness classes, we surveyed our client’s employees and event attendees.

How We Ranked The Best Corporate Wellness Classes (Process & Qualifications)

At Twello we held over 2000 wellness classes in 2022 and asked our attendees for feedback on their favorite sessions. And boy, did they have feedback! The 10 classes below have a few things in common:

      • They cater to both beginners and employees with existing wellness practices

      • They were extremely well received by all levels of attendees within their organizations (ex. Entry level, management, leadership roles)

      • They are all designed specifically for the workplace and feature inclusive and accessible language

    The Benefits Of Corporate Wellness Classes

    Quick refresher on the benefits of corporate wellness classes (if you already know all of this, skip to the list!):

    Reduced absenteeism: Corporate wellness programs can help employees maintain their health and prevent illnesses, which reduces the number of days the team needs to take off work due to illness.

    Reduced healthcare costs: By helping employees improve their health, corporate wellness programs can also help reduce the amount of money that companies spend on healthcare, insurance, and benefits.

    Improved morale and productivity: Healthy employees are happy employees! Employees who are healthy and report high levels of wellbeing are more likely to be engaged and motivated at work, which can lead to improved morale and productivity.

    Increased employee retention: Corporate wellness programs help employees feel valued and supported, which helps increase employee retention and reduce turnover.

    Pricing: What To Expect For Virtual And Onsite Classes

    At Twello we are an open book when it comes to pricing!

    • You’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for a session, and it will always be a flat rate. No need to attempt a headcount for a team event.
    • Working with a tighter budget? Please let us know, we can usually be creative to make it work.
    • Non-profit or frontline workers? Let us know! We have discounted pricing avabilile for your teams.

    #10: Resilience Training

    Resilience allows us to overcome change and ambiguity with ease. This class will explore what resilience is and how to cultivate it at work and at home. Learn the four pillars of resilience: Mental, Physical, Social, & Emotional and how to build up each area for greater resilience overall.

    What attendees had to say:

      • “This class showed me the signs of stress and how to help take time to focus on being in the moment. I really enjoyed it!!”

      • “Thanks to my company for this initiative”

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    #9: Mindfulness For Improving Sleep

    According to a survey conducted by the CDC, approximately 1 in 4 adults in the United States reported experiencing a bout of excessive sleepiness or fatigue in the past month. That may be part of the reason this class made it into the top 10 best corporate wellness classes this year.

    For both our physical and mental wellness, restful sleep is vital. Discover the three primary obstacles to restful sleep, the role that mindfulness plays, and techniques to enhance the quality of your sleep. Learn how to embrace mindfulness to improve your sleep quality and duration.

    What attendees had to say:

      • “Great class with practical tips, really love that [company name] offers this for us!”

      • “I’ve struggled with sleep for a long time and it can impact my workday, I really appreciate that you are putting these classes together for us, it means a lot.”

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    #8: Mat Yoga

    Mat yoga is just what it sounds like! Yoga on a mat. Yoga is one of the best ways to wake up the mind and reduce stress within the body. These classes are taught by a registered yoga teacher and feature modifications that are accessible to everyone.

    A yoga mat or towel is recommended.

    What attendees had to say:

    • “30 minutes is the perfect length, and recording is a must because – especially with something like chair yoga or mat yoga – I might want to do this every day, and it’s nice to have that guide. Much more difficult to just do it on your own.”

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    #7: Creating Boundaries Between Work & Home

    Separation between work and home is vital to maintaining positive mental health (and your sanity)! No matter what your role is, work-life balance is possible. 

    Learn a mindfulness technique to be used after work to help build boundaries and reduce symptoms of burnout. No special equipment is required.

    What attendees had to say:

      • “Wonderful tips for work life balance I will incorporate into my daily routine!!”

      • “I truly enjoyed this! I would be very interested in weekly sessions, thank you.”

      • “Appreciate these classes as it really helps us figure out that work/life balance, when other companies really push productivity, sometimes very hard to get to that balance!”

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    #6: Mindfulness For Boosting Creativity

    Mindfulness has been shown to increase divergent thinking, a critical element of creativity. This upbeat class features two creativity-boosting challenges and is a great team-building activity! The hand-on features of this class make it an easy fit for the best corporate wellness classes of the year.

    What attendees had to say:

      • “This session was so fun and a nice break in the middle of a stressful day, I hope we have more mindfulness classes scheduled soon!”

      • “It was a different and very interesting way to think about creativity, no matter what your role is in the company”

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    #5: Mindful Eating & Nutrition

    Mindless eating can make us feel lethargic and depleted but mindful eating helps us energize and fuel our bodies. Grab a cup of coffee or tea before the session and we will close with a “mindful coffee break” meditation. A simple practice for fitting mindfulness into your workday.

    What attendees had to say:

      • “Taking this small break to refocus makes me so much more alert and prepared for my next assignment.”

      • “This is such an important topic and I’m so glad it didn’t talk about a specific diet or anything, thanks for providing this for us all! I feel so refreshed.”

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    #4: Mindfulness 101

    This wellness class explores the principles of mindfulness and is a great fit for beginners, experts, and skeptics alike. Attendees will learn how to incorporate mindfulness into their everyday life, starting with just a few minutes per day. This class has been designed to be inclusive and accessible – no crystals or candles!

    The benefits of practicing mindfulness in the workplace include:

      • Decreased stress and anxiety

      • Improved emotional regulation and well-being

      • Increased self-awareness and clarity of thought

      • Improved communication

      • Increased resilience and ability to manage difficult conversations

    What attendees had to say: 

      • “The way I learn best is to practice, practice, practice. Having the time to practice mindfulness at work is so amazing and helps me to stay focused during the day.

      • “Mindfulness 101 was like an island of peace during my busy week and I love that my employer cares enough about wellness to help us learn more about mindfulness.”

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    #3: Meditation 101

    Learning to meditate is often overcomplicated! This introductory class explores two popular meditation styles: guided meditation and silent meditation.

    Learn how to determine the best fit for your busy lifestyle and how to get started in a fun and stress-free environment. Meditation practices have been shown to boost emotional, mental, and physical well-being. A meditation practice at work can improve focus, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improve interpersonal relationships in the office.

    What attendees had to say:

      • “This session was amazing as well as the facilitator! She helped meditation feel accessible and easy, instead of something that’s time-consuming and has to be done “right.” I also loved the facts and quotes she included in her presentation.”

      • “As always, these classes are such a breath of fresh air during a busy work day. Thank you for the session!”

      • “Amazing!” Wish we could do this every day.”

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     #2: Chair Yoga

    Who knew a class that no one had ever heard of could become our second most popular class ever! Once we started offering both onsite and virtual chair yoga classes, this session took off! This class was a shoe-in for the best corporate wellness classes of the year.

    Chair yoga has a few key benefits:

      • It is accessible to all employees – as long as they have a chair 🙂

      • You don’t need to change clothes or break a sweat, these classes focus on improving posture and stability through stretches and gentle movements

      • Attendees said this class helped them “reduce stress” and “feel so refreshed” through movement

      • At 30-minutes this class fits easily into the workday and provides a much needed break for attendees who work at a desk all day

    What attendees had to say:

      • “I feel much better after doing yoga and breathing. I forgot how important it is even for small movements during the day.”

      • “The instructor was amazing, I hope to see her again in future yoga sessions! She brought such a great energy to the session and it brightened up my day. Thank you!”

      • “Love these sessions! Would love to have them more often.”

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    #1: Mindfulness For Stress Reduction

    Ta-da! The most popular class of the year was, Mindfulness For Stress Reduction which focuses on the importance of meaningful and restorative self-care activities. 

    This class introduces a self-care framework to help attendees create a personalized playbook for maintaining positive mental health and reducing stress. Self-care is an important aspect of overall wellbeing, and these techniques will provide your team with tools to prioritize self-care, as well as support their peers.

    The goal of this class is to develop a personalized and diversified self-care plan for the following week that is actionable and accessible.

    The session closes with a mindfulness meditation tool called, “The 5-Senses Meditation” which was incredibly popular with attendees!

    What attendees had to say:

      • “This was my favorite session! Thank you for reminding me to refocus and to make time for self care during the day.”

      • “Very helpful to improving my wellness practice. And it’s so helpful to be working on it with my coworkers because it takes away any shame of not feeling “strong enough” and taking time for some self care.”

      • “I have really loved all of the facilitators that have been present on the classes I have participated in. They seem knowledgeable and they make the class enjoyable and easy for any level of participation. I think it is amazing that my employer provides this for me as I feel like it would be harder to make it happen were it not in my schedule. Thank you!”

      • “It was awesome and helped bring awareness to practical steps I can take working from home! Thank you!”

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