How to Celebrate World Mental Health Day (2024) on Any Budget: $0, $1K, $10K, and Beyond!

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When Is World Mental Health Day In 2024?

Monday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day in 2024.

What Is World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day is an international day celebrated in more than 150 countries to raise awareness of mental health issues and mobilize efforts in support of mental health. The day encourages individuals, communities and governments to talk about mental health and what needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for everyone.

Each year the World Health Organization sets a theme for World Mental Health Day. This year the theme is ‘Make Mental Health and Well-Being for all a Global Priority’.

The pandemic, growing social and economic inequalities, protracted conflicts, political unrest, violence and public health emergencies continue to take a toll on our mental health. These experiences impact the success of both employees and their companies.

This World Mental Health Day 2024, take the opportunity to prioritize mental health and well-being among your employees, address their mental health needs and help them thrive!

Why Is It Important For Employers To Partake In Mental Health Day? (+8 Impressive Stats To Help Convince Your Boss)

Not everyone has a mental health disorder, but every individual has mental and emotional health needs that employers can help support. When employees feel more supported in the workplace, they are happier, more motivated, and more productive. In turn, employers who embrace mental health initiatives reap the benefits of better workplace outcomes.

  • More than 9 in 10 workers in organizations with senior leaders who support well-being initiatives say they feel more motivated to do their best (APA, 2016).
  • 89% of these employees were more likely to recommend their company as a good workplace and fewer (25% vs. 51%) said they intend to leave their job in the next year.
  • 81% said that employer support for mental health is linked with job satisfaction and will be an important consideration when looking for future jobs (APA, 2022).
  • 54% of employers cited employee morale as their most improved metric from implementing wellness programs (Hub International, 2017).
  • Organizations that provide a superior employee experience generate 25% higher profits and nearly twice the level of innovation and customer satisfaction (MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research, 2017).
  • 84% of employers reported higher productivity and performance from their employees due to wellness plans in 2019 (Statista, 2019).
  • Companies that provide wellness programs see a 6:1 return on investment (ROI) on average (Baicker, Cutler, & Song, 2010).
  • Wellness programs can reduce absenteeism by 14-19% (Kennedy & Eparu, 2008).

So what can you do to help support your employees’ mental health this year?

We’ve put together this guide of ideas on how to celebrate mental health day at work on any budget ($0-10K). Keep reading to find out more!

Mental Health Day On A Tight Budget ($0-$100)

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money or don’t have the budget available, don’t worry! There are plenty of zero or low-cost ideas you can implement for mental health day to show your team you care about their mental health.

Facilitate Mental Health Roundtable Discussions

The first step to supporting yourself and your team is to simply talk about mental health at work. Open up the conversation about mental health by hosting a roundtable event where company leaders and employees can discuss their experiences with mental health, what contributes to stress, and what actions can be taken to address issues. If you’re comfortable, be open about your own mental health. In a culture where leaders understand the importance of mental health, employees feel more comfortable asking for the support they need.

Where possible, record and share the discussion results with participants and those who were not in attendance through an email, infographic or presentation. This helps to further attract attention, engage employees, and communicate your company values and vision.

Price: Free!

Conduct employee pulse checks

Another way you can address your employees’ mental health is with pulse surveys. This is an easy way to regularly check in with your team by providing a safe space for employees to anonymously share how they are doing, how the company can improve its wellness efforts and what additional support they may need.

Price: Free! (Or Low-Fee Paid Software Options)

Provide mental health resources

Provide mental health resources, share wellness webinar recordings with your team and encourage them to use company benefits such as your wellness program or employee assistance program.

Price: Free!

Conduct a wellness challenge

Wellness challenges are a fun way to engage employees while promoting wellness. Here are a few examples:

  • Mental health or self-care bingo. Include things like taking a 10-minute walk, making a gratitude list, stretching at your desk, etc.
  • Group exercise. Exercise is a serious mood booster. This doesn’t have to be an intense fitness challenge. Even a 10-minute walk can reduce stress and help employees feel better. Working out in a group builds team bonds and boosts motivation. Exercising outside is even better for mental and emotional well-being so if you can, get out of the office and take a walk or hike together somewhere in nature! Or sign up for a mental health awareness charity run/walk.
  • Step tracking. For some friendly competition, use apps like StepBet or Sweatcoin to see who can get the most steps in for World Mental Health Day. This is also a good option for virtual teams.

You can also offer a $50 gift card or prizes for winners! (Optional)

Price: $0-50

Mental Health Day On A Mid-Level Budget ($1K)

A mid-cost initiative gives you a bit more wiggle room to have an impact on your employees and a memorable mental health day.

Provide a mental wellness workshop

Mental wellness workshops provide valuable learning experiences for employees to gain all the tools they need to deal with stress, understand their emotions and maintain positive mental health so they can thrive at work and in life. Plus, you can leave it to the experts to take all the work off your hands!

Twello is a great option for corporate wellness classes on yoga, mindfulness, meditation, sleep, fitness, nutrition, and more! Try a “Lunch-and-Learn” workshop with one or two of our sessions.

Classes we recommend:

  • Mindfulness for Stress Reduction: Self-care is essential to maintaining positive mental health and reducing stress. And self-care isn’t just about bubble baths! This class will look at two techniques you can use to improve your own self-care and support others around you.
  • Chair or Mat Yoga: Yoga is one of the best ways to wake up the mind and reduce stress within the body. These beginner-friendly classes are taught by a registered yoga teacher, feature modifications that are accessible to everyone, and can even be done from the comfort of your chair!

We also offer pre-recorded sessions that can be added to any virtual event! (Budget-friendly option)

Click here to browse our full class catalog.

Price: $390-1,290

Host a team building event

Team building activities engage employees, strengthen relationships within a team and can be a lot of fun! There are tons of team building games and activities to choose from including scavenger hunts, escape rooms, trivia, murder mysteries, mini golf, art parties – the list goes on! See what’s available in your area. And now there are more options than ever for online teams like virtual escape rooms, game shows and more!

Price: $500-1,000

International Mental Health Day On A Big Budget ($10K+)

If you have a larger budget to work with, it’s well worth the investment. Consider rolling out a wellness keynote or workshop series in your workplace to get the most out of your mental health day.

Mental Health Day Keynote

Bring in a wellness expert for a keynote session or series to help motivate and educate your employees on mental health. This is also a great opportunity for leadership to share why World Mental Health Day is important to them and the company.

Twello Founder, Kayla Baum specializes in corporate wellness keynotes that blend personal experiences, expertise and humor.

The Most Popular Topics Include:

  • How To Be A Mindful Leader
  • Incorporating a Wellness Strategy Into Your Workplace
  • Employee Burnout
  • Mental Health In The Workplace

Let us help you find the best fit for your team!

Price: $1,000-15,000

8-Session Series Wellness Workshop with Twello

Launch a multi-series wellness workshop. At Twello we offer customizable 8-session workshops with different wellness themes. Psst! This is the best bang for your buck!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the classes that are included:

  • Mindfulness 101: This introduction to mindfulness meditation is perfect for calming the mind and releasing stress. In this class, you will learn the subtle difference between mindfulness and meditation and how to bring mindfulness into your work and home life. This class is highly recommended as a start to any series of sessions.
  • Work-From-Home Wellness: Working from home comes with a unique set of challenges as many of us struggle to define the boundaries of our work. Learn simple techniques to improve and maintain your wellbeing when working from home.
  • Meditation 101: Learning to meditate is often overcomplicated! This introductory class explores two popular meditation styles: guided meditation and silent meditation. Learn how to determine the best fit for your busy lifestyle and how to get started with just five minutes a day.
  • Emotional Intelligence 101: Emotional Intelligence helps us to understand and notice emotions in the workplace. Learn a mindfulness tool to increase empathy, communicate effectively, and reduce conflict. Practice mindful listening to improve communication and relationships within the office.
  • Building Boundaries Between Work & Home: This class explores the concept of work-life balance and how to develop it mindfully. We’ll take a look at two data-backed strategies for improving work-life balance, even when working virtually! Learn how to use mindfulness to determine what is most important to you.

Click here to learn more about booking a workshop.

Price: $3,500-4,700

Long-Term Benefits Of Supporting Your Employees’ Mental Health

Participating in mental health day shows your team you care about their well-being, but don’t just pay attention to your employees’ mental health one day of the year! Investing in your employees’ mental health and well-being year-round is key to seeing long-term benefits in your business.

A workplace culture that supports mental health leads to higher employee retention and productivity while reducing the cost of turnover and absenteeism. No matter what your budget is, you can take steps to create a workplace that’s better for your employees and your business.

This World Mental Health Day, Twello wants to help you support your company’s mental health and wellness. Contact us today to get started!

Looking Ahead, When is Mental Health Day in 2025?

Tuesday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day in 2025.


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