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As leaders in the corporate environment, it is up to you to set the standards for the health and happiness of your employees. In a society where we are constantly being met with new stressors, it is crucial your employees can turn to you for help. This may mean it is time to start looking into a corporate wellness plan that is best for your employees!

Employers understand that mental health and well-being are becoming a growing concern. This is exactly why employers spent the most money on programmes for mindfulness and meditation (69%), stress management and resilience (81%) and mental health (88%).

Why are employers investing in their employee’s mental health? Because they are seeing returns. How could you say no to that? 

Why Is A Wellness Program Essential?

Wellness programmes are becoming increasingly popular. There is a good reason for this! Providing wellness programmes for your employees has endless benefits. 

We have all the numbers to prove it! The International Foundation of Employee Benefits plan conducted a survey. In this survey, they determined companies that implemented wellness programmes found

  • 67% said employees were more satisfied 
  • 63% experienced financial sustainability and growth in the organization 
  • More than half saw a decrease in absenteeism 
  • 66% saw increased productivity

After reading those numbers you’re telling me you’re just not convinced a wellness program is right for you? Let me give you some more data! 

According to a meta-analysis, for every $1.00 invested in wellness initiatives:

  • Absenteeism costs fell by $2.73 
  • Medical costs were lowered by $3.27 

Companies in North America with the best wellness initiatives saw some good cost savings and financial gains, including:

  • 28% higher shareholder return 
  • 18% higher revenue per employee 
  • 1.8  fewer days absent per employee per year 

These numbers speak for themselves! Investing in your employee’s wellness pays off.

Here Are 50 Of The BEST Corporate Wellness Ideas 

  1. Mindfulness 101 with Twello 

This class can be brought right to your office door (virtually or onsite)! It is perfect for calming the mind and releasing stress. In this class, you will learn the subtle difference between mindfulness and meditation and how to bring mindfulness into your work and home life.

Book Mindfulness 101 with Twello here

  1. Survey Your Employees 

Find out what is working and what your company can improve upon by asking the people it is directly impacting! This tactic will ensure the initiative you are implementing is right for your team. This survey does not have to be long- between 5-10 questions are perfect. Let your employees have a say!

  1. Practice Mindfulness for Stress Reduction With Twello 

We all know life can be stressful- having ways to cope with this stress is essential. Twello offers a class that teaches imperative self-care tactics. The tools learnt in this session are essential to maintaining positive mental health and reducing stress! Find out how self-care can positively impact you and others you surround yourself with.

Book Mindfulness for Stress Reductio here

  1. Meditate With Twello 

Give your employees the gift of meditation! Now, this does not have to involve candles and crystals to be successful! This is an introductory class that explores two popular mediation styles. Find which style works best for your lifestyle.

Book Meditation 101 with Twello here

  1. Healthy Living Budget 

If you have the budget for it – allow your employees a healthy living budget! Having a healthy lifestyle can get expensive, help compensate your team to make this choice a little bit easier for them!

  1. Work From Home Wellness With Twello 

Working from home poses a new set of challenges for us to navigate. With the lines between home and work being blurred, we must learn to define the boundaries of our work. Add simple techniques to your toolbox to maintain your well-being while working from home.

Book Work From Home Wellness here

  1. Offer Standing Desks 

Standing desks are an amazing way to give your team a healthier option throughout the day! A sore back from sitting all day is not benefitting anyone. Offer a way for your employees to change positions throughout the day while still getting the optimal amount of work done.

  1. Plan Lunch Excursions 

Days in the office can get repetitive- mix things up with a lunch excursion! This is a great way to add some variety to the day without much planning. A lunch excursion could be walking to a local cafe, visiting a farmers market, or simply taking lunch suggestions from your team!

  1. Boundary Building Class With Twello 

Twello offers a “Mindfulness for Building Boundaries Between Work & Home” class that explores the concept of work-life balance and how to develop it mindfully. The session will look at two data-backed strategies for improving work-life balance, even when working from home!

Book a Boundaries class with Twello here

  1. Implement Nutrition Challenge 

Healthy habits can be hard to learn- especially on such busy schedules. Turning it into a game can add some fun to an otherwise monotonous task. This challenge can be set up in many different ways, but having a reward system is always a great motivation. Rewarding small steps throughout the challenge will keep teams motivated for longer periods of time!

  1. Build Mindfulness & The Body With Twello 

Join Twello to learn more about the science behind mindfulness, the brain, and the body. Take a look at exciting research on mindfulness and the nervous system. This class looks at shifting our basic “fight or flight” into “rest and digest”. This class is awesome for improving overall well-being!

Book Mindfulness & The Body with Twello here

  1. Learn How To Eat Mindfully With Twello 

Changing eating from a mindless task to a mindful moment can be challenging, but Twello is here to help! Mindless eating can make us feel lethargic and depleted, but mindful eating helps up energize and fuel our bodies. This session offers easy tools to implement into your daily life

Book Mindful Eating with Twello here

  1. Breathwork Basics With Twello 

We use the breath as the foundation for many meditation and yoga practices. This class offered through Twello discusses the basics of breathwork and introduces a breathing meditation called “box breathing”. A wonderful tool to add to your team’s toolbox!

Book Breakwork here

  1. Massages 

Is your team seeming overwhelmed lately? Bring in a masseuse to help relax your team. Even just 15 minutes per employee will help add a relaxing time to their day. Each employee could book a time slot that fits in perfectly with their day!

  1. Meeting Management 

Implement designated days to book meetings. This can look like only allowing meetings on Tuesday and Thursday. This allows for days that are designated for tasks that must get done but are often pushed aside for meetings. With schedules so busy it is easy to get carried away- let’s rein it in a little!

  1. Emotional Intelligence 101 

Twello offers an emotional intelligence session! This class is perfect to help us understand and notice emotions in the workplace. It is a great way to increase empathy, communicate effectively, and reduce conflict. These are all things that teams thrive on!

Book Emotional Intelligence 101 with Twello here

  1. Help Your employees Improve Their Sleep Habits 

Mindfulness for Improving Sleep with Twello is a perfect way to encourage a healthy lifestyle. This class will teach the 3 main barriers to getting a restful sleep, how mindfulness plays a role, and tools to improve the quality of your sleep. Sleepless nights aren’t good for anyone involved!

Book Mindfulness to Improve Sleep with Twello here

  1. Resilience Training With Twello 

Resilience is important for all walks of life- especially in the workplace. Help give your team tools to help overcome change and ambiguity with ease. Learn about the four pillars of resilience: mental, physical, social, and spiritual.

Book Resilience training with Twello here

  1. Check-In 

With the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it can be easy to be caught up in work. Have a once a week or once-a-month check-in with your employees to determine: how their workload is, if they are feeling too stressed or overwhelmed, and how you can support them moving forward. This can be a simple fix that will have long-term benefits of preventing burnout.

  1. Journal With Twello! 

Learn the Science of Gratitude Journaling through a session with Twello. Gratitude may be the most accessible, affordable tool we have to increase optimism, emotional resilience, and happiness. This does not require anything fancy, just paper, pen, and willingness to learn!

Book Gratitude Journalling with Twello here

  1. Fitness Tracker 

Encourage your employees to wear a fitness tracker by offering to subsidize a portion of it. Fitness trackers can be beneficial to understand more about your body, how your heart rate changes throughout the day and your overall motivation to move the body throughout the day. This can be a great motivation to get your team to start moving!

  1. Get Creative With Twello 

Is your team creative based? Creativity can be difficult to have on demand. However, Twello offers a fun and thought-provoking class called “Mindfulness for Boosting Creativity” to help make this creative process easier! Mindfulness has been shown to increase divergent thinking, a key component of creativity. Learn two creativity-boosting challenges and have fun while doing them.

Book Meditation for Creativity here

  1. Have a Games Afternoon 

Games are a great way to help build team chemistry and bonding. Get all the members of your team working together outside of the office environment. The bonding that will occur during the games will translate into better connections during work.

  1. Tea Tasting 

This is another great team-building exercise. Making connections with coworkers outside of work is vital to optimal communication inside of work. Taking your team for an outing like this is a great way to ease stress as well!

  1. Find Laser Focus With Twello 

Our brains are met with so many distractions throughout the day that it is hard to find a strong focus. On average, employees who work on computers are distracted every 11 minutes. Twello offers a session called “Meditation to Boost Focus” that will give your team tools to create a stronger and longer-lasting focus.

Book Meditation for Focus here

  1. Walking Club 

This might sound cliche – but it is worth it to give it a try. This is the perfect way to have a brain break mid-workday. It also gets the blood flowing throughout your body to help with circulation. Spending this active time outdoors will help improve focus for the rest of the day. Turn it into a group activity to keep each other accountable and have company while you walk

  1. Psychological Safety With Twello 

“Creating Psychological Safety” is one of the noteworthy classes that Twello offers. This session explores the interesting connection between mindfulness and psychological safety. The class will walk you through simple mindful techniques for increasing empathy and navigating difficult conversations in the workplace.

Book Psychological Safety with Twello here

  1. Partake in an Escape Room 

Escape rooms are perfect for moulding team building and problem-solving skills. The escape room forces the teammates to work together for the greater good – just like in the workplace! This activity will help communication skills to develop and a fun way to practice patience.

  1. Chair Yoga With Twello

This form of yoga is perfect for any team working in an office. The entire session is designed to be practiced from the comfort of your chair! It is a perfect class for beginners, even if the last time you touched your toes was a decade ago!

Book Chair Yoga here

  1. Self-Care Bundles 

Creating and passing out self-care bundles is a perfect way to show your employees you care. These do not have to be expensive if you do not have a large budget to spend. A couple of items that could be added to the bundle: tea, candles, face masks, essential oils, coffee mug. Get creative with it! Your employees will thank you.

  1. Let Twello Guide You in a Mindful Walk 

Mindful walking is a beautiful form of meditation that engages both the mind and the body. This practice is perfect for those who may struggle to sit still.

We recommend listing to this class while going for a walk outdoors but if that’s not possible- that is not a problem! All you will need is a few feet of space to try it out!

Book Mindful Walking here

  1. Encourage Gratitude Practice 

It is so important to be able to express gratitude- help your employees make this a habit in their everyday lives. This can be done in multiple different ways! Whether this looks like providing your employees with a jar and sticky notes to place daily reminders into, giving employees their own gratitude journal, or having a communal area for everyone to contribute.

  1. Mat Yoga With Twello 

This title does not need much explaining- it is exactly what it sounds like. Yoga on a mat! Groundbreaking, right? Well, yoga is one of the best ways to wake up the mind and reduce stress within the body. A registered yoga teacher leads the session and provides modifications for any skill level!

Book Mat Yoga with Twello here

  1. Bring Some Life Into The Office 

Unfortunately, offices can be very lifeless, this can both consciously and subconsciously drain the mood. Bring in live or fake plants to help brighten up the area and make it more soothing to be in.

  1. Break a Sweat With Twello 

A workout is one of the number one ways to help release stress. Twello offers a class called “Break a Sweat Bootcamp” which combines the muscle-sculpting benefits of pilates with the flexibility of yoga. This low-to-no-impact workout incorporates flexibility and moderate cardio.

Book Break a Sweat Bootcamp here

  1. Dedicate a room to be a Wellness Space 

Whether there is a budget for a workout space or simply a couple of treadmills this area will be capitalized on. Especially if your office is located in an area that is too cold to go for walks outside during the winter this room will provide a space where your employees can do this. At least showing them that this is an option for them will be very impactful

  1. Pottery Class 

Pottery classes are awesome to help relax and get the creative juices flowing! Whether your team has experience creating pottery or not, it is always fun to do a hands-on activity. This can be made as an optional activity after work or you could dedicate two hours at the end of the day to have your team try this out! Who knows- they might pick it up as a hobby.

  1.  Have a Themed Day

Making work fun and enjoyable place is essential to having happy and fulfilled workers. Add some spice to the office by adding a themed day at work! A few ideas to get you started: 90s/ early 2000s, dress as your favourite movie character, or dress as your favourite fruit. These will all be an awesome way to get conversations started throughout the office!

  1. Schedule a Potluck 

Everyone loves an exciting lunch to help break up the work day! Have your team all bring their favourite dish to share during the lunch hour. Because this is not only is this a great brain break but also a good way to have people eating together instead of at their desks

  1. Monthly National ____ Day! 

Every month there are so many “National Day of ____.” Take advantage of this! Whether it be national mental health day and you provide your team with support such as Meditation 101 with Twello or national pizza day where you celebrate by bringing pizza lunch in for everyone. This can be an incredible way to bring the team together once a month and always keep things interesting!

  1. Have a Quiet Room 

This does not need to take up a large space or large budget. Have one small room with a chair, lamp, and some greenery that is a calm and quiet space for employees to go take a breather. Whether they just had a stressful meeting, having a bad day, or just need a place to take some deep breaths this is a highly beneficial space to offer your employees

  1. Start a Book Club 

Book clubs are a wonderful network to be a part of. They are good for building connections, communication, and education. The books can be both fiction or non-fiction and each month a different member can choose the book and lead the discussion. This will give everyone a chance to practice their leadership and critical thinking skills.

  1. Schedule a Happy Hour 

This is a great way to have your team feel comfortable with each other outside of work. This can be one day a week or one day a month depending on feedback from your team. If your team works from the office, schedule the happy hour at the restaurant just down the street. If your team is remote, schedule a zoom call happy hour!

  1. Have a Dedicated “Wellness Wednesday”

Wellness Wednesday is one day a week your team can slow down to reflect on the previous week and get re-energized for the days to come. Any of these 50 ideas are perfect to implement for Wellness Wednesday- choose what fits our team best. And do not forget… have fun while doing it!

  1. Bring Your Dog to Work 

This is for all my dog lovers! Schedule a day to bring your dogs to work- whether this be for 1-2 hours over lunch or for the whole day, depending on what works for you. Dogs have an amazing ability to brighten our mood and release stress and tension. Bring down the stress of the office with a dog day!

  1. Work From Home Mondays 

Mondays can be a difficult day to get back into the swing of things after the weekend. If it is accessible to you and your team, make the Monday scaries a little less scary and work from the comfort of your own home!

  1. Bike Club 

Make exercise fun- make a bike club! Gather everyone from work who wants to begin building a healthier lifestyle or simply enhance their current style. Make people excited and look forward to this point of their week. Have someone bring a speaker to play some great tunes, and have another person bring some sports drinks!

  1. Take Your Meetings Outside 

Whether this is finding a nice spot outside or making it a walking meeting- try and get outside! Feeling the sun on your skin will help boost your mood and energy (remember your SPF)! This is an awesome way to get the blood flowing and still be productive at the same time!

  1. Encourage Mindful Coffee Breaks 

This 15 minutes is the time people normally take to sit and mindlessly scroll on their phones. Make a few small changes to make this time productive for your mental health. Implement mindful techniques while sipping your coffee to allow your brain a true break. Scrolling socials is only damaging to your brain- let’s do something to help it instead!

  1. Schedule a Keynote With Twello 

Last but not least, bring in (or zoom in) the incredibly talented and knowledgable Kayla Kozan (Twello’s founder & CEO). Kayla will bring knowledge and new skills to your team. As well, there is a wide variety of topics that she is able to bring into the workplace and if you want something customized specifically to your industry or workplace just let us know!

Book a Keynote with Twello here

How Can You Implement A Wellness Program? 

Your staff will be happier and more productive with a well-thought-out, complete corporate wellness programme. 

But, doing it properly is the key in this situation! 

If your current wellness activities consist of keeping granola bars in the break room or throwing the occasional happy hour on Zoom… You could possibly reconsider your strategy. Find out how to oversee the best corporate wellness program with Twello!

Twello can help you build out your wellness programme from the ground up! With a wellness catalog of over 20 classes, we will have something for your team. Contact one of our wellness experts here to get started on improving your workplace! 


Questions about pricing, class recommendations, or availability? Thats what we’re here for!