Corporate Wellness Keynotes

Founder, Kayla Kozan, covers a wide range of topics including corporate mindfulness meditation, mindful leadership, mental health in the office and the burnout epidemic. Find the fit that is best for your team!

Meet Kayla Kozan!

Twello Inc. Founder & CEO

Kayla has spoke to leadership and management teams throughout North America on how to effectively incorporate employee wellbeing into your company culture. Through her “perfect mix of expertise, coaching and comedy,” Kayla teaches leadership teams how to navigate the burnout epidemic many employees are experiencing.

Once a burned-out professional, looking for a better way to manage her overwhelming stress and Sunday night anxiety, Kayla was introduced to mindfulness meditation as a way to cope with persistent burnout, an inability to focus and poor sleep.

And it worked.

After seeing the change in her own life, Kayla devoted all of her spare time to becoming an expert on the subject of mindfulness at work. Kayla has clocked over 300 hours of formal mindfulness facilitator training from U of T, Google’s SIY Leadership Institute and Mindfulness Without Borders. Twello is now the largest provider of mindfulness training across North America and one of the few companies able to deploy programming in multiple cities simultaneously. Twello focuses on evidence-based practices that are proven to reduce burnout, lower stress and increase productivity. Twello only focuses on evidence-based practices that are proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and develop that feel-good-sleep-well-kick-ass-love-your-job-wellness. Many people struggle to maintain mindfulness practices in their spare time so Twello brings the practice to them — at work!

Most Popular Topics Include:

“We brought Kayla in as a motivational speaker for our Wellness Week. She talked about her own mental health journey, how to use mindfulness to reduce stress and how to be more mindful day-to-day in the office. She touched on some heavy topics but kept it light-hearted and humorous. The staff loved her. Would highly recommend her as a motivational speaker especially around anything to do with mental health and mindfulness! Thank you Kayla.”

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