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Note: All of our classes are designed specifically for a corporate audience – no crystals or candles here!

Virtual Corporate Wellness Class Sample Preview

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FAQ About Virtual Corporate Wellness Classes

  • Improved team morale: Corporate wellness classes can bring employees together in a more meaningful way than pizza parties ever could!

  • Improved physical health: Markers such as mobility and flexibility can be improved through activities like chair yoga and mat yoga.

  • Elevated mental health: Mindfulness and meditation classes can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and build self-esteem.

  • Increased employee retention: Companies that prioritize employee health and happiness have lower turnover and absenteeism.

  • Increased focus and problem-solving abilities: Wellbeing classes, especially those based in mindfulness and meditation can improve a critical problem-solving ability called “divergent thinking.” Divergent thinking can help employees become more focused, engaged, and creative at work.

  • Improved profitability: Research from Deliotte found a median annual ROI of $1.62 for every dollar invested in workplace wellness programs.

Our catalog contains over 20 virtual class options, so we had to look at the data for this one! Based on a sample set of over 300 virtual classes, delivered globally, the most popular were, in order… drumroll please… 🥁

  1. Mindfulness 101
  2. Chair Yoga
  3. Meditation 101 
  4. Mindfulness For Boosting Creativity
  5. The Science Of Gratitude Journaling
  6. Mindfulness For Stress Reduction
  7. Work-From-Home Wellness

This is the hardest step for many employers. Since there isn’t an agreed upon, gold standard for corporate wellness facilitators, it program it can be difficult to vett different providers.

Over the years we have identified these very important qualities and treat them as the bare minimum requirements for all of our facilitators. Here are some questions you may want to ask a potential corporate wellness provider:

  • Does the facilitator have formal teacher trainingand experience in a corporate environment? 💼  We’ve always found that corporate experience is incredibly important when putting someone in front of your team.
  • Does the facilitator understand the nuances of a corporate environment? It’s vital that they use accessible and inclusive language. 🏢
  • Can the provider ensure a backup facilitator in the case that the primary facilitator is unable to lead a session (this is a common issue with individual consultants)? Ideally, your vendor has multiple facilitators so your program is not dependent on a single individual or one-person company. 👥
  • How does the facilitator keep the content engaging and fun? No one wants a snooze-fest. Especially one that costs $500! 😉
  • Can you view a sample of a session before purchasing? We are so proud of our virtual wellness classes and catalog that we have built over the last few years and can provide samples for any class you are considering for your team. Professional vendors should have samples available for you to preview so you know exactly what is being shared with your team. 🎥

Great question! A few key things to know about our virtual classes:

  • When do you recommend live virtual classes over pre-recorded classes? Live virtual classes are always the more engaging option! Attendees will have the opportunity to answer prompts in the chat, respond to polls, and ask their facilitator questions, all in real-time. Live is always preferred if it fits the budget.

  • How does pricing work? Is there a minimum or a maximum number of attendees? There is no minimum (although it’s always nice to have at least one person 😂) and the pricing is a flat rate for up to 500 attendees, so there is no need to keep refreshing the RSVP list! Custom pricing over 500.

  • Is the class recorded? Yes, the entire class is recorded and yours to keep and distribute however you would like. This is an awesome perk for distributed teams working across many time zones.

  • What is the content of the class? All of our classes have been specifically designed with a corporate audience in mind, no crystals or candles here. The content is secular and does not reference any specific religion or spirituality. We also have samples and the learning objectives of each class, just ask!

  • What else do you provide? Let us take some work off your plate, just let us know when you would like your sessions and we will send over class descriptions for internal marketing!

  • How much notice is required? We are very lucky to have coaches across 7 time zones. Since we have so many talented teachers we can almost always find someone available with one week’s notice (or more, of course).

  • I have more questions, can I talk to a human? Of course! Our direct number is +1 646-859-8485 or click here to schedule a call with one of our wellness specialists.

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