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Although stress has always been a common feature of the average busy New York employee, the COVID-19 pandemic has truly put a spotlight on employee wellbeing. It is more important now than ever to begin to implement wellness classes in New York office spaces.

Businesses have been one of the first to notice the impact. Working from home, and stress-related sick leave, was something many New York employers experienced in the last 18 months.

But there are ways you can support your employees, boost productivity, and keep work-related burnout at bay. Here is a guide to everything you need to know about virtual wellness classes in New York and how they can help your business.

Living in New York

Nothing beats the buzz of strolling down 5th Avenue gripping your morning cup of coffee.

But as exciting as New York is, living in this city also has a few drawbacks that could be causing your employees to feel stressed or run down.

Take living costs, for example. Food, transport, and rent are only going in one direction, and those financial pressures can trigger worry and anxiety. And let’s not forget about the hectic busy commute most New Yorkers face each day.

These experiences aren’t unusual, and data backs that up.

In fact, An Integra Survey found that 65% of US workers said they had experienced stress in the workplace.

Workplace Burnout

Your employees may not be one of the many New Yorkers who have taken stress-related sick leave. However, that doesn’t mean your organization is out of the woods.

Workplace burnout is real and something your team might be suffering from in silence. It is a sense of stress employees feel in their jobs. It can leave them feeling exhausted, unproductive or cause them to lose their sense of identity.

Plenty of general work situations and specific environmental factors from living in New York can cause someone to experience workplace burnout. Here are some of the most common:

  • Lack of work-life balance, such as a long working day exacerbated by a lengthy or stressful commute
  • High or unrealistic expectations from customers or managers
  • Lack of support from peers, which can be a problem for younger employees relocating to New York if they don’t know anyone
  • Stressful and demanding work environment, especially if the job is fast-paced or unpredictable

These are common problems. According to research by Metlife, around 64% of American employees felt some level of burnout in their jobs.

And that’s not all. Deloitte found that 91% of employees cited stress impacting work performance.

The pandemic has also impacted employees’ wellbeing. In fact, according to a survey by Mental Health America, 93% of workers experienced stress during this time and 76% reported burnout.

So as an employer, you need to be honest about the factors inside and outside your organization that could cause your staff to feel burned out. Equally, you need to find avenues you can use to support and protect your employees.

What’s more, burnout reduces overall morale and gives your organization the reputation of one that works its people too hard. Conversely, a focus on wellness and health will demonstrate how much you care.

The Impact of Burnout on the Workplace

Burnout isn’t just a problem of staff morale. Burnout, left unchecked, can have a significant and negative impact on a business.

The most obvious is employee performance and productivity.

As an employer, you hire talent, experience, and knowledge. When an employee is experiencing burnout, you can no longer tap into any of the brilliance that made you hire that individual in the first place.

That has a direct hit on productivity. Tired, demotivated employees will lack focus in their responsibilities at work. They might be slower to work through problems or challenges that come up each day.

When you multiply this across a large workforce, productivity levels can begin to drop dramatically. That, in turn, will impact your profit, growth, and competitiveness as a business.

It’s quite possible that the more prolonged a period of stress an employee experiences, the more likely it is that employee will need to take sick leave.

High levels of sickness cost businesses money and are hugely disruptive, especially if that employee is in a critical role.

What’s more, burnout reduces overall morale and gives your organization the reputation of one that works its people too hard. Conversely, a focus on wellness and health will demonstrate how much you care.

Virtual Class Solutions

The good news is that as an employer, there is much you can do to proactively support your employees. You can help to protect against instances of burnout and stress.

COVID-19 pandemic fallout has been an increased focus on employee wellbeing. Employees have had to juggle home life pressures with work while in lockdown.

That has enabled organizations to turn their attention to supporting employees in the office and when working from home.

Virtual wellness classes have been one of the standout methods for supporting employee wellbeing in 2020 and 2021. These have been used by organizations to reduce instances of stress and burnout.

These virtual classes give employees a chance to learn how to identify and manage stress. With added pandemic worries, organizational support has never been more appropriate.

Virtual Wellness Classes

At Twello, we have designed classes to address the most prevalent stress-related issues for employees.

These classes include our corporate mindfulness New York training (or our “mindfulness NYC classes” as it is commonly known).

Mindfulness is something employees can use inside and outside of the work environment. That sort of positive impact can genuinely help someone become a highly productive and happy staff member.

Other practical topics include virtual meditation for New York employees, using an experienced meditation teacher from NYC.

Plus, you can discover other helpful classes such as nutrition to boost wellness and breathing techniques to provide instant support to employees feeling under pressure.

Classes also include training that can help employees improve their overall physical health. That includes yoga (and chair yoga, which many sedentary office workers find helpful in boosting wellbeing).

Here is a full link to our list of New York wellness classes on offer: virtual wellness classes.

Virtual classes are an excellent way to support your staff’s wellbeing. It will help both now, during a pandemic, and in the long term once the pressures of ordinary New York life resume.

Onsite Wellness Classes In NYC

Twello offers corporate wellness classes in New York. With highly trained facilitators coming right to your office, it is the perfect way to provide support for your employees. We offer over 15 different classes specially curated for the corporate environment, there will be something your team loves!

Supporting Your Employee’s Wellbeing

Naturally, supporting your employees’ wellbeing is something that will mark you out as an excellent employer. Still, it is the right thing to do if you want happy and productive employees.

Using virtual wellness classes to support your team is a simple and highly effective way of reducing the risk of employee burnout.

Your first step to arranging virtual classes is to contact our team. We can provide you with a custom quote and get your first virtual wellness class in New York in place.

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