The 3 Best Holiday Experiences for Your Team

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Make holiday bonding meaningful for your team! You can only go to so many office holiday happy hours. It’s time to spice things up around the office. We have some amazing unique holiday experiences that your employees will enjoy and be asking for every year. 

Twello has partnered with Care/Of to make this office holiday experience the best one yet.  

Whether your team is onsite or virtual, we have it covered! With packages being sent right to your office or employee’s homes, planning your office holiday events has never been more simple. 

These classes will put all other holiday pizza parties and holiday bonding experiences to shame! Want to find out why?  

What Are The Benefits of Celebrating Culture At Your Company? 

Organizational culture has an impact on how your staff work, how customers connect with your company, and how your organization operates internally. There are too many advantages to having a strong corporate culture to name them all here, but the most significant one is probably the most visible: employees. Individuals who are happy at work are more likely to stay, more likely to be engaged, and more likely productive. And when staff are pleased, customers are happy.

6 Additional Benefits of Strong Organizational Culture:   

  • Increased job satisfaction 
  • Employee recruitment and retention (replacing an employee can cost approximately 20% of the employee’s salary)
  • More engaged team members, did you know highly engaged employees are 21% more productive?  
  • Foster creativity
  • Reduce stress  
  • By increasing employee engagement investments by 10%, profits can increase profits by $2.400 per employee, per year

The Top 3 Best Holiday Experiences to Offer Your Team

1) Gingerbread Iron Chef 

One thing that screams “the holidays are here” is building gingerbread houses! Add a little healthy competition to this and you have one of the best holiday team-building events on the market. Great news: you don’t need any prior experience in gingerbread house building (although you might want to brush up before the big day!). 

This class is a 90-minute live experience, taught by an award-winning baker. We provide the Baking Kit with all of the supplies that will be needed to turn an amateur into a master baker for 90 minutes! 

We can deliver the Gingerbread Iron Chef experience all across Canada! 

Want to learn more about hosting the most memorable holiday experience? Fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you faster than Santa himself.

Cost per person: $175 CAD per person for most Canadian addresses*

2) Charcuterie & Cheese Tasting 

Butter boards are a fad, but charcuterie boards and fine cheeses are always a classic! This class will teach you how to pair flavours and textures, and provide tips for an impressively aesthetic board. 

When booking this class, you and your team will receive a Culinary Kit with all of the necessary supplies to make a professional charcuterie board for two people. In just 90 minutes, your team will be experts in wine, cheese and everything charcuterie.  

Next time your friends or family want to get together you will have the perfect appetizer to bring. Gone are the days of showing up with a pre-made dip from the grocery store. 

Want to channel your inner Martha Stewart? Fill out the contact form below.

We can deliver the Charcuterie & Cheese Tasting experience all across Canada! 

Cost per person: $200 CAD per person for most Canadian addresses*

3) Holiday Wreath Workshop 

Filling your house with festive decorations always brings the holiday spirit to life. Now, what if you had the opportunity to build your own holiday wreath? Don’t worry! This is not going to end up like the “clay snowman” your child came home from school with. With our fool-proof materials and instruction, this wreath will look like it was made by a professional. 

Using fresh greenery, in just 90 minutes your employees will have the most beautiful, fragrant wreath on their block!

We can deliver the Holiday Wreath Workshop experience all across Canada! 

Cost per person: $200 CAD per person for most Canadian addresses*

How To Bring Holiday Cheer To Your Employees 

Our 3 classes make bringing holiday cheer to your employees easy. Let us handle all of the hard lifting while you sit back, relax, and get in the holiday spirit. 

Contact our friendly team to help you book the best holiday experience!  

Is making a phone call easier for you? Give us a call at 646-859-8485.

Note* All addresses must be received by December 9th, 2022 to allow time for our kits to make their way to your team.

There is a 15-person group size minimum to book.

Shipping disclaimer: Shipping to major cities and urban areas within Canada is included in the per person price. Shipping to participants located in rural areas, could be subject to an additional shipping cost. If this is the case, you will be notified of the exact cost once exact addresses are shared.

Questions about pricing, class recommendations, or availability? Thats what we’re here for!