The 5 Most Popular Zoom Mindfulness Meditation Classes and How to Book Them For Your Team

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Wellness in the workplace is vital to the overall happiness of your employees and the productivity of your company. Especially when companies are still working remotely, maintaining that connection between employer and employee is essential. That is where zoom meditation enters the chat!

Creating a supportive work environment will set a positive tone for your employees. It will help keep them motivated and engaged. With employees scattered at home, Zoom meditation classes are the perfect way to bring everyone together in a positive way.

Your employees will appreciate knowing they work for a company that is reinforcing a sound wellness strategy. They are your most important asset, so investing in them to ensure they are in optimal health will benefit everyone involved.

If Zoom meditation sessions sound like something you would be interested in, check out these five most popular meditation classes on Zoom below, along with more information about workplace wellness.

1. Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness will help people learn how to live in the moment. Studies have shown that mindfulness training strengthens our ability to concentrate, reduces our anxiety, lowers stress, and can even boost the immune system.

It works by focusing on what you are sensing and feeling in the moment, letting the feelings and thoughts flow through without any judgment or interpretation. That’s where a lot of people get hung up while practicing mindfulness. They focus too hard on not thinking of anything and don’t permit themselves to let their brain welcome thoughts in.

Sharing in mindfulness practice with coworkers can help make working from home a little less isolated. There are always frustrations in the workplace, but a lot of issues can stem back to people feeling lonely or fed up with being removed from others. This practice encourages them to experience those feelings.

Mindfulness 101 focuses on the science of meditation – no crystals or candles here! Learn the difference between mindfulness and mediation, and simple ways to make your life a little more mindful. The entire session can be done from the comfort of a chair, with no equipment, mat, or special clothing needed.

This is a great first step to introducing your employees to Zoom mindfulness. It will help reduce their anxiety and stress.

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2. Mindfulness for Boosting Creativity Workshops

Mindfulness meditation has shown to be a wonderful technique to help improve and boost creativity. This workshop begins with a short mini-meditation about creativity and idea generation. The practice of looking inward and reflecting will help you engage with that part of your brain where creative ideas live.

It’s important to not overthink yourself during mindfulness for creativity. Let your brain go down whatever rabbit hole it wants to. These mindfulness activities over Zoom will help your employees and increase their performance at work.

The class also explores hands-on activities around convergent and divergent thinking. Your employees will learn how to use mindfulness to improve their creative problem-solving skills. If your company is creative-based, this can help spur more big ideas, giving employees and sense of workplace satisfaction.

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3. Mindfulness For Stress Reduction

Self-care is essential to maintaining positive mental health and reducing stress. There are many different ways to practice self-care, including meditation:

  • Writing in a journal
  • Talking a walk
  • Sleeping eight hours a day
  • Drinking enough water
  • Creating art
  • Reading a book
  • Having virtual hangouts
  • Yoga
  • Going out in nature

Meditation is a very accessible, affordable act of self-care. In this class, we will look at two techniques you can use to reduce stress. The class will end with a relaxing, extended meditation.

One aspect of self-care is learning how to maintain a work-life balance. This can be difficult with remote working as the line between home and work gets very fuzzy. Learning methods on how to transition from work mode to everyday life is vital for employees to become happier and more productive.

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4. Mindfulness for Improved Sleep Workshops

Sleep is critical to our health and wellbeing. Not having a good night’s sleep can affect your day and create an unfortunate pattern of not sleeping well. Learn the three main barriers to restful sleep, how mindfulness plays a role, and tools to improve the quality of your sleep.

If employees are serious about learning how to sleep better, there are many meditation practices they can adopt to get a restful night’s sleep. For some, sleep can never come easily, especially with all the added worries of being isolated and the ongoing pandemic.

Employees will be encouraged to look at their sleep environment, making sure they have the room set up to encourage sleep. Establishing a bedtime routine and knowing when to turn off electronics is important. Also, having a set end time to the end of their workday helps provide them with boundaries and necessary relaxation time.

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5. Chair Yoga 101

Chair Yoga may sound like something foreign to you, as yoga is a very active practice, but trust us with this one. Chair Yoga 101 explores mindful movement and features simple stretches to wake up the mind and body. All of our stretching poses can be done from the comfort of an office chair and are great for beginners and experts alike, no experience required.

We will learn about a variety of poses that your employees can do to improve their overall health. Since it doesn’t take any extra equipment, they will be encouraged to practice regularly. Even people with limited mobility can participate in Chair Yoga.

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Benefits of Zoom Meditation Classes for Your Office or Team

Zoom mindfulness activities are a great way for people to be together when they’re physically apart. It will help improve employee productivity and focus by giving them the tools to block out unwanted distractions. By reducing anxiety and stress, it will result in less conflict and a positive work environment.

Especially with remote working, employees are encountering more and more distractions. Some employees are dealing with distance learning, dogs barking, and all the responsibilities of home in their face at all times.

By helping them learn how to tune out everything, they will be able to focus on whatever the task at hand is. After receiving the proper training and education from learning meditation online, they will be able to continue the practice on their own.

With virtual classes, the format can be extremely flexible. Devote a morning, afternoon, or even an entire day to mindfulness activities over Zoom. The practice of mindful meditation is proven to be more effective when done regularly.

Schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly meditation workshops with your employees. If it’s on their calendar and they know when to expect it, they will show up because they have been experiencing all of the benefits.

If you feel like you need more one-on-one focus as the group leader, we offer executive coaching to teach you how to be mindful. This service can also be provided to any member of your team.

Why Zoom Meditation Classes Are So Popular

With many employees still working from home, a meditation Zoom meeting is the ideal choice of employers. You will be able to easily broadcast the virtual meditation session live across multiple locations and timezones. All you need is a good internet connection and a commitment to mindfulness.

If any of your employees are unable to attend the meeting, you will receive a full recording of the session afterward. You can distribute it to all your employees so they can repeat the exercises at their discretion.

Our Zoom Webinars system can support up to 500 attendees, enabling every member of your staff to join.

Our classes have been designed with you and your audience in mind. All of our content is secular. With each class, you can expect it to open with a mini-meditation, followed by an educational presentation, and then finish up with an extended meditation of 10 to 20 minutes.

We have over 10 mindfulness coaches located across five time zones. With so many talented instructors to choose from, we can accommodate a class with one week’s notice.

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Bringing in mindfulness through Zoom meditation classes is perfect for encouraging your employees to eliminate outside distractions and hone in on what makes them happy.

Employee wellness, whether it’s over Zoom or in person, should be a staple in your company. Not only will it keep your current employees happy, but it will attract others to join your company. Decreasing employee turnover will save you money and grief in the long run.

Encouraging wellness will keep your employees engaged and happy.

Stress-reduction shouldn’t stress you out. Our team at Twello wants to help you and your team. Request a quote or learn more about our services today!

FAQ About Our Virtual Wellness Classes

Live virtual classes are always the more engaging option! Attendees will have the opportunity to answer prompts in the chat, respond to polls, and ask their facilitator questions, all in real-time. Live is always preferred if it fits the budget.

There is no minimum and the pricing is a flat rate for up to 500 attendees, so there is no need to keep refreshing the RSVP list! Custom pricing over 500.

Yes, the entire class is recorded and yours to keep and distribute however you would like. This is an awesome perk for distributed teams working across many time zones.

All of our classes have been specifically designed with a corporate audience in mind, no crystals or candles here! The content is secular and does not reference any specific religion or spirituality. We also have samples and the learning objectives of each class, just ask!

Let us take some work off your plate, just let us know when you would like your sessions and we will send over class descriptions and flyers for internal marketing.

We take all major credit cards! ACH or EFT can also be arranged for payments over $5000.

We are very lucky to have coaches across 7 time zones. Since we have so many talented teachers we can almost always find someone available with one week’s notice (or more, of course).

Questions about pricing, class recommendations, or availability? Thats what we’re here for!