Top 6 Ways To Celebrate Bell Let’s Talk Day At Work

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What is Bell Let’s Talk Day?

The Let’s Talk programme was developed by Bell Canada, a Canadian telecommunications company, to decrease the stigma associated with mental illness. It is Canada’s most visible business commitment to mental health.

For every hashtag #BellLetsTalk on social media platforms, phone call, or text, Bell will donate 5 cents in support of mental health programs. 

Bell Lets Talk Day 2022 broke the record for interactions made with #BellLetsTalk from years before. In 2022, a whopping  $8,214,941.00 was raised. Let’s do our best to continue growing this number every single year! 

How high do you think we can get this number in 2023? 


When Is Bell Let’s Talk Day? 

Mark your calendars! Bell Lets Talk Day is on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. 


How Should My Company Support Bell Let’s Talk Day?


1. Set time aside to talk 

One of the main reasons Bell Let’s Talk day is so important is because it starts the conversation about mental health. Whether you’re a mentor or manager, everyone in an organization can help end the stigma associated with mental health. Depending on the size of your organization, have groups set aside time during the day to simply communicate.

Remember, nobody has to open up about their deepest darkest secrets and thoughts in these conversations! But, provide a comfortable space where your employees feel comfortable enough to share more about their lives. 

Here are some conversation starters: 

  • “What does ending the stigma mean to you?”
  • “This weather change has taken a toll on my mood lately. How are you folks feeling?”
  • “What have been the largest stressors in your life in the last 4 weeks? How can I help you?” 
  • “How can I help make your work experience more enjoyable?” 

These questions can get the dialogue going and make your team feel more at ease.

It can often be helpful to express an aspect of your personal life to get the conversation flowing. This shows employees that the space is safe to be vulnerable in. Again, it doesn’t need to be anything too deep to inspire conversations, a personal story such as, “I really used to struggle with Sunday-night anxiety about work. I would start answering emails on Sunday afternoon just to ‘get ahead,’ but that really prevented me from getting rest and balance over the weekend. Now I remove my email from my phone all weekend and remind myself how important it is to have space from work. Does this happen to anyone else?” can go a really long way.



2. Teach your employees how to take care of their mental health


Employee mental health is not something that is spoken about often. This is what Twello is working to change everyday! We offer onsite and virtual classes for stressed-out corporate employees. With a catalog of over 20 classes, you will be able to find the right match for your team.  

Top 5 classes to help your office participate in Bell Lets Talk Day:  

Each of these classes consists of guided meditation and a framework to take away that will be beneficial for your employees’ everyday lives. 

These classes will be beneficial to help employees de-stress during their busy days. But, will also give them tools moving forward to better navigate their stressors.

Unfortunately, you can not make stress simply disappear for your employees – we wish it was that easy! It is important to provide them with the tools and time they need to manage their stress.


3. Raise money for local mental health organizations


Do you or one of your employees know of a local mental health organization you want to support?  Use Bell Let’s Talk day to raise money for the organizations that mean the most to your company! 

Whether you do a cinnamon bun sale, 5 km walk/run, or volunteer your time to an organization during the workday, every effort helps.  Your options are limitless. Not only is this an opportunity to raise money for an important cause, but this is also an opportunity for your team to have bonding time.


4. Participate


There are many ways you and your employees can participate in Bell Let’s Talk day! Participating is easier than it ever has been. Pull out your phone and interact with the Bell Let’s Talk hashtags, filters, or frames on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Facebook.  

You and your employees are all most likely going to be interacting with at least one of these apps at some point throughout the day. You may as well make it worth it! For each of these actions, Bell will donate 5 cents to mental health. Have your team pull out their phones or computers and make at least one interaction. 

Push your team to help make a difference!


5. Bring regular mental health conversation into the office year-round


Do not let Bell Let’s Talk Day be the only time your office ever hears the conversation about mental health and vulnerability. Use the momentum created by this day to continue the conversation.

Try blocking off a small amount of time each month to continue this conversation with your employees. This will be beneficial to create an overall more open environment and help you understand your employee’s mental health. You could consider bringing in a speaker for each month or adding an informative webinar.


6. Work on expanding your employee’s perspectives


Educate yourself and your employees on the myths around mental health. Take time to share new information revolving around this subject. 

Are there any new good educational podcasts you can recommend for your employees? The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos is a strong option!

Commit to recognizing signs of stress in the workplace. Be present when checking in with your employees. 

Make speaking about mental health a regular occurrence. Encourage your employees to share their thoughts and feelings, and be sure to empathize with them. Always continue learning and educating yourself and your employees.

Any of the actions spoken about in this blog can be held on any day, it does not have to be #BellLetsTalk day. Be the difference and make mental health a regular topic in your workplace. Collectively, we will be able to remove the stigma that follows mental health around. 

Additional Resources For Teams:

Canadian Mental Health Hot-Lines:

Free and confidential mental health and substance use support is available 24/7.

Youth phone number: 686868

Adult phone number: 741741

United States National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988

Questions about pricing, class recommendations, or availability? Thats what we’re here for!